Using the set of Marketing Tools built into the Web Hosting Control Panel, you can start popularizing your brand new website, once it is put together. With the RSS News software, you can easily place a consistently refreshed news area in your site. While using GeoIP redirection program, you can quickly direct your traffic in accordance with their location. Additionally, through the Sitemap Generator, you can make a comprehensive sitemap for your site and submit it to major search engines.

A Sitemap Generator

Make a sitemap with all your web pages in a click

The easiest way to get your newly introduced site indexed by the search engines is to post a sitemap. The sitemap records all of the web pages on your web site and by uploading it to a particular search engine, you tell it that you like those pages to be listed as soon as possible. Sitemaps are usually developed by third–party applications. Nonetheless, with us, it’s not necessary to navigate out of your Web Hosting Control Panel.’s custom–made Sitemap Generator is integrated into the Advanced Applications area and will create a sitemap on your behalf in a click.

All you need to do is choose the highest amount of web pages you desire to be scanned, the range of the listed URLs and the format of the sitemap report.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Physical location–based redirections with only a click of the mouse offers you an easy way to re–direct website visitors based on physical location. Through the GeoIP re–direction application, you’ll be able to reroute all the visitors who come from a specific location to a native language variant of your web site. For instance, if you have an Italian version of your web site, you can quickly direct all of the website visitors from Italy to that webpage instead of asking them to switch to Italian when they open the English version. This will help you offer your visitors with a user–friendly onsite experience from the very beginning.

There is no need for virtually any specific abilities or computer experience to employ the GeoIP redirection application. It is configured with only a click of the mouse.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Show the latest headlines on your website

What is RSS? RSS is a method for distributing and accumulating web content. It’s becoming widely used by news websites, personal blogs, bulletins, etcetera. The presented content is easily picked up by a feed reader and afterwards displayed to the consumer. Employing RSS, users will get updates from different web sites and go through them in a single area.

Using our RSS News tool, you can quickly insert information feeds coming from some of the world’s most favored information sites and showcase them within your site.

RSS News