In the event that you have ever had a shared website hosting account in the past or you have dealt with any other kind of online service, you are probably aware from your own experience that for a lot of things it's better to consult with a live person on the phone instead of exchange support tickets or e-mail messages. If you want to know more about a specific service before you order it or when something small-scale needs to be made, for instance, it is really easier and quicker to get it done in real time. If you have the option to speak with representatives by phone, it is very likely that you are using the services of a real web hosting provider, not a reseller. The type of support that you'll get by phone differs between different companies - from common matters to dedicated tech support. Usually most of the suppliers offer pre-sales assistance and first level telephone support, while more complicated tech matters are managed via email and / or tickets.
Phone Support in Shared Website Hosting
Because we have live phone support 14 hours per day, you have the option to call us and speak with our customer support representatives to get more info about all of the shared website hosting plans that we supply and ensure that our servers meet the system requirements for your websites prior to purchasing anything. For your benefit, we now have telephone numbers on three different continents so you're able to call the one nearer to you - in the USA, Great Britain or Australia. In case you are already a customer, you can call us about general and billing matters, or even about some tech issues. In case the issue is strictly technical or it needs longer time to investigate, you'll have to use our ticketing system, that will allow both you and our tech support crew to track the details given by both sides.
Phone Support in Semi-dedicated Servers
We provide live telephone support 14 hours per day as a part of the support services for each and every semi-dedicated server package that we provide. Due to the fact that some issues are more difficult and time-consuming, you may have to open a ticket in case you come across such a problem, still for all your general, billing or minor technical issues you can always give us a call and we'll help you in a timely manner so as to save you the time you will need to spend on creating a support ticket. Even if you do not have an account yet, you'll be able to find out if you can host your sites on our leading-edge cloud platform or you will be able to receive any other general info about our semi-dedicated services. We now have local phone numbers in the USA, the UK and Australia as well as an international number, which means that you will be able to call the one that is nearer to where you live.